Executive Producer Duties

ID:     E01-21.0
Type:     Governance
Created:     2011-02-01
Revised:     2021-06-21

The Executive Producer is responsible for Whitby Courthouse Theatre productions and is the liaison between the production’s producers and the Board of Directors.


The Executive Producer is a member of the executive, and the direct report of the Technical, Properties, Wardrobe and Workshop Coordinators.


  • Work with the Department Coordinators to maintain an up-to-date inventory of all Whitby Courthouse Theatre assets.
  • Troubleshoot issues as they arise from Department Coordinators and bring to the Board of Directors as necessary.


  • Along with the Artistic Director, submit a call for production teams to the Webmaster for distribution no later than January.
  • Sits on the Directors selection committee.
  • Through open calls for Producers, screens and recommends to the Board Producers for all adult productions and for Youth Group production if requested.
  • Stand in as Producer if a production is without.
  • With the Artistic Director, meet with the production teams of each show to review the Whitby Courthouse Theatre Production Handbook and answer any question from the publication.
  • Along with production Producers, responsible for booking locations and approving menu for opening and closing night parties (within approved budget).
  • Attend production load-ins and strike.