President Duties

ID:     P03-21.0
Type:     Governance
Created:     2011-02-01
Revised:     2021-04-20


The President holds the role of Chair of the Board, is a member of the executive, a signing officer of the corporation (financial and otherwise), and the direct report of the Office Coordinator, Network Coordinator and Information Technology Coordinator. Following their term(s) as President, they are expected, but not required, to sit one term in an advisory role as Past President.  


  • The official liaison to the Town of Whitby.
  • The designated spokesperson to the media (along with the Marketing and Publicity Director).
  • Responsible for arranging or delegating all legal binding contracts and licenses, including, but not limited to, production rights, facility contracts, vendor/supplier services, insurance, web hosting/domain and special occasion permits.
  • Schedule monthly board meetings at the beginning of each season including the Annual General Meeting and preside thereat.
  • Responsible to produce the Whitby Courthouse Theatre calendar on the online portal, as well as to the Town’s permitting department, to outline various time slots for, but not limited to, rehearsals, youth group, board meetings, executive committee meetings by no later than the first board meeting of a new season.
  • Meet with any new Board Member or new Coordinators, as required, early in their term to discuss their portfolio.
  • Establish building key assignments and liaise with the Office Coordinator for key distribution.
  • Assign building alarm codes for individuals and productions and communicate with facility staff to implement into the building’s security system.
  • Liaise with the Office Coordinator to have the Director and Producer(s) mementos engraved.
  • Present or arrange with another Board Member to present the Director and Producer(s) mementos at each closing party. • Ensure that all resolutions as contained in the By-laws are followed.
  • Ensure that all other Board of Directors and Coordinators perform their particular job descriptions.
  • Obtain ratified minutes of each meeting from the Secretary, sign and forward to the Office Coordinator for filing.
  • Obtain monthly bank reconciliations, sign and return to the Treasurer for filing.
  • Be an ex-officio member of all committees.
  • Be responsible for approving the newsletter.
  • Assign responsibilities for the Annual General Meeting including documentation to members and liaise with Town of Whitby facility staff for room set-up.