Technical Rental Services

Whitby Courthouse Theatre is the sole provider of Technical Services for the Whitby Centennial Building.

The Town of Whitby provides a standard rental package with all rentals of the Whitby Centennial Building Theatre, and needs beyond that are accessible through an arrangement with Whitby Courthouse Theatre. Available Technical Services, Rentals, and Pricing are detailed below.

Standard Rental Package (provided by Town of Whitby)
Standard Rental Package (provided by Town of Whitby)Included with Facility Rental


  • 2 wireless hand-held microphones
  • 2 wired hand-held microphones
  • 6 static stage lights (3 face lights, 3 overhead lights). These fixtures cannot be moved.
  • ability to play CDs
  • ability to play music from your own computer or device with an auxiliary (headphone) port.

Note: This information is provided as a courtesy and is subject to change and availability. Whitby Courthouse Theatre, nor the Town of Whitby can be held liable for any misrepresentation, inaccuracy, or unavailability of any item listed in the Standard Rental Package.

Complete Rental Package (provided by Whitby Courthouse Theatre)
Complete Rental Package (provided by Whitby Courthouse Theatre)$400/Day + Technician

A $100/day discount is applied for day 2 onwards.


  • state-of-the-art lighting system 
  • full conventional wash (over 50 fixtures)
  • full LED wash (over 20 fixtures)
  • conventional spotlight
  • LED spotlight
  • general stage washing of various colours and intensities (if you'd like complex lighting design services please see Add-ons below)


  • state-of-the-art sound sysrtem
  • 32 digital inputs 16 digital outbuts (split between the booth and a breakout box on stage)
  • full audience sound with two speakers, subwoofers, and mounted monitors (so those on stage can hear too)
  • access to up to 10 wireless lav packs (more details available in Add-ons)


  • projector (and back-wall cyc)

Stage Management:

  • access to a video feed of the stage from backstage, make-up room, and booth
  • headset communication system between front-of-house, booth, and backstage.

And access to Whitby Courthouse Theatre's wealth of technical knowledge to make your event the best it can be!

Note: hiring a Whitby Courthouse Theatre Rental Technician is required when selecting this package.

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    Terms and Conditions

    I understand that the following conditions apply to this inquiry:

    • Rental requests within less than 2 weeks are subject to a $250 last-minute booking fee, which is not included in the above quote, if applicable.

    • Whitby Courthouse Theatre is not able to provide any Technical Services unless the renter has a permit issued by the Town of Whitby for use of the space, a copy of this permit is required to confirm the technical rental booking.

    • The quotation provided is as a courtesy and is subject to review and change prior to the issuance of a Technical Rental Service Contact.

    • This inquiry does not constitute an agreement for Whitby Courthouse Theatre to provide any technical services, equipment, or technicians,

    • The Renter has certain obligations to ensure the success of the event, such as meeting deadlines for the contract signing, payment, and providing files to us (music, projections, etc).

    • A contract must be signed, and the deposit received before the technical rental services can be booked.