The Tender Trap


By Robert Paul Smith and Ma Shulman

John Brett, Carole Orme, D'Arcy Smyth, Sisi Shuh, Jean Farquharson, Roberta Plews, Peter Thrasher, A. McAlear

Barefoot in the Park


By Neil Simon

Diane Smith, Peter O'Shaughnessy, Paul Spencer, Wilfred Pegg, Joyce Wainwright, Bert Heaver

On Monday Next


By Philip King

Joyce Wainwright, Freda Jepson, Susan Wainwright, Bob Ways, Diane Smith, Reg Tompkins, Jean Farquharson, John Rae, Kathy Bowker

Luxury Cruise


By Fred Carmichael

Joyce Wainwright, Freda Jepson, Susan Wainwright, Bob Mays, Diane Smith, Reg Tompkins, Jean Farquharson, John Rae, Kathe Bowker

Woman at Dead Oaks


By John Kirkpatrick

Joyce Wainwright, Freda Jepson, Susan Wainwright, Bob Mays, Diane Smith, Reg Tompkins, Jean Farquharson, John Rae, Kathe Bowker

Exit the Body


By Fred Carmichael

Beryl Garratt, Sandra Island, Bob Mays, Ann Rich, Diane Smith, Celia Anderson, Bert Heaver, Bill McAdam, Milton Vanderveen, Peter O'Shaughnessy

The Happiest Days of Our Life


By John Dighton

Milton Vanderveen, Peter O'Shaughnessy, Reg Thompkins, Cyril Barratt, Scott Laurence, Daphne O'Shaughnessy, Beryl Barratt, Susam Wainwright, Mary Luchuk, Lloyd White, Eunice Beer, Ray Oliver

Here We Come Gathering


By Philip King and Anthony Armstrong

Jean Farquharson, Milton Vanderveen, Freda Jepson, Harriet Kellaway, Cyril Garratt, Jahn Rae, Peter O'Shaughnessy, Beryl Garratt, Sue Wainwright, John Townsend


See How They Run


By Philip King

Joyce Wainwright, Frances Townsend, Cyril Barratt, Beryl Barratt, Wayne Lehman, Bert Heaver, Reg Tompkins, Peter O'Shaughnessy, Jong Towsend

Pool's Paradise


By Philip King

Beryl Garratt, Joyce Wainwright, Cyril Garratt, Eleanor Rosetanni, Bert Heaver, Peter O'Shaughnessy, Dave Watson



By Thomas Job

Cyril Garratt, Joan Hill, Jean Farquharson, Bert Heaver, Beryl Garrett, Reg Tompkins, Dave Watkins, Lilian Lane

Three One-Act Plays


By Various

Not Available

The Mousetrap


By Agatha Christie

Joyce Wainwright, Peter Patterson, Bob Hightower, Joan Hill, Reg Tompkins, Eileen Holding, Dave Watson, Wayne Lehman

Still Life


By Noel Coward

Jean Farquharson, Swyn Goad, Nancy Beer, Peter Ames, Tom Farquharson, Alex Gigiroff, Helen McKnight, Ross Gibson, Marcel Brunelle, Beth Rutherford, Eunice Beer

Wishing Well


By E.E. Evans

Joyce Wainwright, Herman Hesselink, Cyril Garratt, Reg Tompkins, Barbara Powell, Marcel Jones, Eunice Beer, Bob Hightower, Bert Heaver, Nancy Beer, Beryl Garratt

The Happiest Days of Your Life


By John Dighton

Wayne Lehman, Reg Tompkin, Dave Watson, Tom Edwards, Joan Hill, Frances Townsend, Milton Vander Veen, Pamela Stewart, Donalda Howe, Bert Heaver, Ness Jack, Ron Bareham, Joan Corkery

Blithe Spirit


By Noël Coward

Joan Hill, Ness Jack, Bill Dyer, Mary Cole, Marion McLeod, Tait Davis, Eileen Chapman